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Janoose And The Fall Feather Fair Book Trailer

Janoose And The Fall Feather Fair Trailer

THE BOOK REPORT: Book Collector Mystery Series by Victoria Abbott.

I read all of the five books in the Book Collector Mystery cozy mystery series why the mother and daughter author team, (Victoria Maffini and Mary Jane Maffini) Victoria Abbott.

This series is a fun read.  The authors cleverly use the book trade, in particular, collecting of first editions of mystery authors Agatha Christies, Lord Peter Wimsey,  Nero Wolf, Dashiell Hammett, and Ngaio Marsh as well as Jordan's boss is the curmudgeonly impoverished heiress, Vera Van Alst and her crumbling mansion as the backdrop in the plot lines that include mysterious characters dropping in with no good intentions that lead to murder.

 The main character, sassy Jordan is a sweetheart of the character to follow along with. Her job is to find these book treasures for her boss.
Vera ruthlessly seeks out first editions like a bird pecking for worms and Jordan is her digging tool. There are plenty of twists and turns in all these stories that include the not-so-obvious criminal characters of Jordan's uncles.

Another endearing character is a longtime companion and cook of Vera's, Signora  Panetone, who heaps mounds of food on Jordan's plate at very turn in the hopes of satisfying any misery Jordan may have. For an added bonus some of the signora's recipes are included at the end of every book.

My only gripes, there are two, are that Jordan's friends whom she desperately wants to count on are hardly around when she needs them and for that her loyalty to them might be misguided.  Whereas Jordan whines about the only person in most of the stories that he is in, her uncle Kevin, who is there for her.  Kevin is kind of a screw up according to Jordan (I don't see it) and yet he's always there to help Jordan when she needs him. She just does not, in my opinion appreciate him. I mean, for me, if I had a relative like Kevin I would be grateful!  Just saying!  These are a 5 STAR read!
Buy the books at: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/victoria%20abbott/_/N-8q8

I Love The Rain

Truth, As Strange As Fiction: Man With A Gun



As Strange As Fiction:

                Man With A Gun

                  by JD Holiday

Back in the mid 70’s, I was the sole provider for my family. It was me and three year daughter named Jennifer while my husband, Angelo, interned in a hospital for a job in the Nuclear Medicine field.
Up until this time I was a cashier in a supermarket but I could not make enough money to pay the bills. Not knowing what else to do to find a job where I would make enough, (I knew at the time, your months rent should be the same as your weekly salary,) I bought the newspaper every day.
Looking back it seemed it wasn’t long, and only about five job interviews, until the right job came along that I thought could make what I needed to make ends meet. It was $40 short of the rent but I would get a raise after a trail point to make this happen.
My new job was as a sample girl for a cosmetic factory. My jpb would be making samples for the customers and taking bacteria samples and sending them for quality control. I haven’t a clue how I was to be a success as a sample girl, but they wanted me and I went for it. Part of my job was to get to know all the likes and dislikes, and the dos and don’ts of make-up for each and every one of their customers, which included many cosmetic companies world wide. You would have been surprise to know which ones, especially when one very famous company was suppose to have its make-up made in France and not in a rural town in New Jersey.
I joined the chemical lab techs (a place ripe for stories and some I will pass along here as well!) and soon, I must say proudly, I had all the customers products down to memory. Mind you, I was not to deal with the customers directly but make the two bosses, who were also brothers and had inherited half of the cosmetic factory, look like they care for each and every one of these moguls of the make-up industry. It wasn’t long before I stepped into a position equal to that of the lab manager, a pill popping woman named Bromilda, where I bypassed her and making any conversation with her exposive, and dealt only with the two bosses.
The lab itself was really just cheap kitchen cabinets along the four walls of the room with two rows of the same cabinets occuping the center back to back. My station in the lab was in the far corner against a wall and behind the make-up formulas filing cabinet that hid me from sight and blocked anyone from seeing me from the company office door on the other side of the filing cabinet.
About four months into the job a young man about my own age was hired to join the other lab techs and was given the station next to me. He was tall and attractive and seemed sociable. He laughed alot. And he found he could find something funny in everything. I did not like him. To me not everything is funny or amusing. I have found people who do, just might lack empathy and even sympathy for others.
On his third day he came in and stood at my station looking down at me. He stated, “I want your station.”
Not even hello or a smile. He placed his coat on the back of my chair. “I need my back to the wall,” he added and reached to his coat pulling open one side still staring at me.
My stare went from his face following his arm to the inside of his coat to see an extremely large gun. At the time I had no knowledge of guns other than they are used to kill.
Without a word, I opened my stations drawers and cabinets and removed everything. We silencely moved together as in a strange dance of sorts to changed stations, my thoughts in a turmoiI. What was to happen with this strange and dangerous guy. I had to work this job everyday with him right next to me, were my thoughts.
I found the whole thing surreal. A nightmare really. And stranger still that no one ever ask me way the change! Afraid, I never said. The only time I knew someone notice was the first time one of the bosses came in, looked at my station with a startled look. I put up my hand, his smiled and stepping toward me without a word about it.
For two months I wondered what others thought about this man.Did he seem normal to the others? I guess he was not theatening to anyone else. Could that be? The only thing he did wrong that was noticeable, in my opinion, was to be late almost every day. And then one day the factory manager, Manny, who I did all the bacteria sample for and I knew well, came running through the lab and straight into the office. Later, he was to tell me the ‘man with the gun’ was selling drugs in the parking lot to factory personal.
The next day, we were all told the those who are late three time within a two weeks would be fired.
You can guess what happened. And two weeks later, I moved back to my station.
   ~JD Holiday

The Maker – Book 3 in the Lone Wolf Series by Dellani Oakes

The Maker
– Book 3 in the Lone Wolf Series

                                                                      by Dellani Oakes

If anyone had asked Wil VanLipsig where he'd be in five years, he surely wouldn't have said he'd be fighting the ultimate evil on an unknown planet in a lost galaxy. Fighting a war, probably. Killing off insurgents, righting political wrongs, following another man's agenda, decidedly. Funny how life throws things in our paths that we must overcome. Wil is no different. With the help of his wife, Matilda, their good friends and benevolent aliens, they battle the Kahlea's slaves, wondering when the Grand Master himself will arrive. What's next for this tiny, insignificant oddment of miners and marines? Travel to the forgotten world of Shakazan and find out!

The Maker is Book Three in the Lone Wolf Series, with more to come. The story is far from being told.

Wil dragged Matilda back down the tunnel. Roaring, Surau rushed them from the rear. Ben and Marc took shots at him, but they didn't have time to aim carefully. The shots went wild, zinging around the tunnel dangerously. They holstered their weapons and provided a meat shield for Matilda. Wil ran, dragging her down the tunnel.

They encountered nothing until they got to the first junction, where the metal passage intersected with the stone tunnels. Instead of being empty as it had been, they found themselves facing tall, dark humanoids. These carried lethal looking spears and didn't appear angry, just startled. Raising their spears threateningly, the dark men charged the group.

Finding the way blocked, the unlucky humans veered off down the metal passage, footsteps echoing hollowly as they ran. Matilda tripped over her skirt, as it wrapped around her legs. Taking one set of claws, she slashed a portion of it away, freeing her feet to run more efficiently. Wil's grip on her arm was painful, bruising her skin, leaving her muscles feeling numb. She did her best to keep up, but his legs were far longer than hers, his stamina greater. The passage grew increasingly dim as they went further in. They had never been so far from Sentience and her repaired networks before. They initiated their Kindred suits as the air around them thinned and grew stale.

The dark men surged down the tunnel after them, their numbers overwhelming. Ben and Marc formed a wall, with Wil directly behind them. He tried to contact the ship to teleport them out, but there was too much interference. Backing slowly as the men advanced, Marc picked off two with carefully aimed shots. Ben joined him, taking out a couple more. Their weapons were set to stun, but to the dark men, their comrades appeared to be dead.

Instead of stopping, the men grew more determined, advancing rapidly. As one, they suddenly lunged forward, making a grab for the small, retreating party of humans. One grabbed Marc, who crushed the dark man's skull with a blow from his gun butt.

Another held Ben, who summarily broke his arm, yanking it from the socket. The dark man screamed in pain as Ben's blow to his head killed him. Wil kicked a third in the teeth, before aiming down the tunnel, targeting the leader. His kill shot was true.

The dark men stopped advancing as their leader's head exploded. With a mighty roar, they made a last, monumental attempt to grapple with the humans. Wil pressed his wife behind him, trying again to contact the ship. There was a crackle of static and a faint acknowledgment from Hammer.

"Smith, get us the hell out of here!" Wil roared into his com.

The dark men gathered their dwindling numbers, preparing for a final assault. Growling angrily, they reformed their ranks around the fallen, glaring at the humans with hatred.

Wil shouted to his wife, "Run, Matilda! We'll catch up to you! Run! Run!"

Matilda hesitated a moment. The passageway was dark, she could feel it surround her. Even the Kindred suit couldn't compensate for the complete lack of light. Her nightmares came back, freezing her in place.

"Wil, I can't! I can't see a thing! Oh, God, Wil, I'm so scared!"

"Babe, it's okay. Hammer has us. He'll get us out of here. Please, keep going a little longer."

Hesitantly, she picked her way along, the floor sagging beneath her feet. The ceiling was partially collapsed, filled with so much rubble, she had to stoop to move. The others were engaged in combat, she could hear it. All her instincts screamed at her to go back, to fight beside her mate.

Wil's voice echoed down the passage, "Run!"

One of the dark men broke through their line, scrabbling over the stones, nearly on top of her. Matilda knew Wil was aiming at him. Flattening herself against the wall, she pressed back as far as she could.

"Now!" she screamed. "You have a clear shot!"

The weapon fired as she ducked, turning further away, sensing the electromagnetic pulse from Wil's gun, hit the dark man in the back, hurling him toward her. She tried to dodge him, but a hand shot out from his dying body, clutching at her flowing dress, dragging her with him. The floor collapsed beneath their combined weight. The man fell like an anchor into the nothingness below her. Kicking wildly, Matilda struggled for a hand hold, screaming hysterically.

Wil heard her scream, felt the give in the floor and ran full speed down the passage. The ceiling collided with this forehead, the sides of the passage snagged his clothing. "I'm coming! I'm coming! Hang on!"

"Wil! Oh, Wil! I'm falling! Wil!" A scream ripped from her throat, fading away as she fell.

Wil reached for her a second too late. He saw her dropping into the bottomless pit. His cry of despair turned into a howl of grief. A moment later, the men found themselves on the bridge of Hammer. Matilda wasn't with them. Wil lay on the floor, still as death.

"Oh, God," he whispered. "Oh, God! No!"

Dellani Oakes is a Tennessean by birth, a Floridian by a quirk of fate. She resides in a town south of Daytona Beach where her constantly changing household usually has at least one grown child in it. Dellani loves science fiction and grew up reading the greats. She always felt something was missing from their story lines—a little romance. Taking that idea to heart, she began her Lone Wolf Series, incorporating all she loved about sci-fi, but adding a strong romantic bond between Wil and Matilda.

Dellani is an avid writer, but when she's not writing, she's reading anything she can get her hands on. She leads a small writers group through the Council on Aging, enjoying her time away from home. She also hosts two blog talk radio shows a month, Dellani's Tea Time – Every 2nd Monday of the month, and What's Write for Me – every 4th Wednesday. She and her co-host, Christina Giguere, interview other authors.

The Maker – Book Three is ready for pre-order and will be available May 15, 2017

ASIN: B071HH7CK8  Pre-order at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071HH7CK8/

Dellani Oakes' Site: https://dellanioakes.wordpress.com/

The Book Report: Maggie Millie and Merrie’s Magical Adventure by Rosie Russell

             Maggie Millie and Merrie’s
                            Magical Adventure
                       by   Rosie Russell


              Maggie Millie and Merrie are triplets. They are different from each other in very individual ways. But they love to do many things together. One thing they love doing is hearing stories of what their parents and grandparents did when they were young.

              When their grandmother decided to move to Florida they heard a most remarkable story from their mother and grandmother about way back when.

              They heard about what it was like to live on whimsical Avenue. One story had wonderful memories for both their mother and grandmother which made them laugh and made them so happy. It was about a special swing.

              One day when the girls were bored their mother took them on a picnic by this swing. When the girls sat on it they became sleepy.

               When they opened their eyes there and bright green forest called The Land Of Something To Do and they meet a funny little man. They had a wonderful time in this place and learn about the Widget Box.

This is a amazing story that will fuel your children’s imagination and encourage creativity.

Rosie Russell's Site:

Her Books are at: https://www.amazon.com/Rosie-Russell/e/B00PDUMD6Q/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1

Rosie Russell

The Write Dream by J.D. Holiday

Permit your dreams to see the daylight. ~ by Bernard Kelvin Clive

           So you don’t think you can write but you have thoughts that could be a story. You can imagine how a scene or two would work. Come on, we all have those times when a story could start with a thought. An imagining. A daydream or even a nightmare. So what’s holding you back?

              Is it your horrible spelling, grammar and maybe it’s you lack of understanding of writing techiques.

              I believe the best tool at your disposal is reading. Read what interest you. Read what you enjoy and especially read the genres you think you would like to write in.

              While reading other author's books or ones written by your favorite authors, pay attention to how the book is written. From good books you can see what you should do and what you shouldn't. Learning the skill of writing is in the soaking up of techiques and putting that and your imagined story all into your own words. You want to learn how to show your readers your story using scenes you write so they can feel like they are there in the story with your characters.

              Writers write to express who they are and to tell what they know, to teach and share the stories they see clearly in their imagination. Some write to purge unhappiness or injustices for themselves and others, to entertain themselves first, and then, those readers who find their works. Writing takes you away from your own reality, to places you create. You can forget your immeditate problem taking a brake from it when you write, or read. Use what you know from your life in your stories. If you are writing for children use your childhood and think back to it. Think like you did when you were a kid. I write out my scenes as I see them in my minds eye, and make an outline that I update as I go along.

              You can always get help with spelling, punctuation and grammar. You can always pay someone to edit for you. You should invest in a good dictionary, thesaurus, and books on grammar and writing whether you find them on online sites or books that sit on your desk along side of you, or both.

              So if you have a story to tell, invest some, and read a lot. Give it a go and write it. If you haven’t tried before, the whole experience might take you places you might like.

The best book I’ve read about writing is:


This book is amount the most valuable books I own. Even if you think you will not be writing short stories you might find that writing chapters is like writing short stories.

The Only Grammar Book You'll Ever Need: A One-Stop Source for Every Writing Assignment https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1580628559/ 

 ~  © 2016 JD Holiday



Character Quotes: The Great Snowball Escapade by JD Holiday

Character Quotes: The Great Snowball Escapade by JD Holiday
As they turned the corner onto Wil's street, they stopped. They all stared toward Wil's house.
"Where's the snowman?" Wil cried.
"What could have happened to it?" Joey asked.
They began to run down the block. Their snowman was scattered around the front yard. They stared at the snowy mess.
Robert threw up his hands. "He's all smashed," he said.
Franny stamp her foot. "Bud did it," she said.
"What do you say about Bud now, Wil?" Joey asked.
Wil frowned. "Well, maybe Bud didn't do it," she said.
"What? It had to be him," Franny cried.
"You can't mean it," Joey added.
Wil said, "Maybe it was an accident. Or, maybe it was somebody else besides Bud."
Now Robert, Suzie, Franny and Joey were all frowning.
Robert shook his head again. "One batch of cookies and you crumble," he said. "Look around you, Wil!"

The Book Report: And The Whippoorwill Sang by Micki Peluso

On The Book Report:
And The Whippoorwill Sang
by Micki Peluso
I love this heartwarming family tale, And The Whippoorwill Sang by Micki Peluso!  It is beautifully written and I could not put this book down.
It is about a large family handling the constant changes in their lives as the grow up and the heartbreaking lost of one young daughter. The story is part family struggles; part lost, and part romantic comedy. Think a touch of the TV show The MIDDLEs Mike and Frankie.
Micki Pelusos descriptive style as well as her description of emotions and places add charm and meaning to the story. She defines each of her children and family members well. I feel that I really know this family.
When I got this book I was worried about how I would be emotionally while reading it having lost members of my own family. I rarely read non-fiction. But in truth, I was able to fully relate and see parts of my own life that would have been upsetting, now with clarity.

Find Micki Peluso at: http://mallie1025.blogspot.com/

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Love doesn't make the world go 'round.
 Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.
~Franklin P. Jones
No doubt it’s Valentine’s Day, the day for lovers!

“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep
 because reality is finally better than your dreams.”
― Dr. Seuss

BUT what about those who are lovers of books? Well, good news! Valentine’s Day is also for BOOK LOVERS! February 14th is also International Book Giving Day!

  Here’s a little background for those unfamiliar with the holiday. This is a day devoted to instilling a lifelong love of reading in children and providing access to books for children in need.

International Book Giving Day’s focus is on encouraging people worldwide to give a book to a child on February 14th. We invite individuals to
1) gift a book to a friend or family member,
2) leave a book in a waiting room for children to read
3) donate a gently used book to a local library, hospital or shelter or to an organization that distributes used books to children in need internationally.  (More on International Book Giving DAY https://bookgivingday.com/blog/about-2/)

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"The love of learning,
The sequestered nooks,
And all the sweet serenity of books."
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


“Be awesome! Be a book nut!” — Dr. Seuss

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FROM: http://carmeladutra.com/blog-post/book-giving-day/#comment-2559

An Interview With Author Robin Elizabeth Mason


Writing since 1995, Author Robin Elizabeth Mason cranked out a few dozen poems, and made countless notes for story ideas until 2013 when she began in earnest to work on her debut novel, Tessa
Robin Elizabeth Mason
 Robin struggled with her own identity and the inherent feelings of worthlessness and invisibility for many years. And her characters are no different. They face many of these same demons. Robin’s books force her characters to question, “Who am I, really?” Robin Elizabeth Mason’s stories will touch you in a very real and a very deep way because she writes from experience.

Hi Robin, Thank you so much for doing this interview!

How did you start writing and when?
I first started in 1995 as therapy (self-prescribed, i.e. Holy Spirit) while I was going through counseling and overcoming depression. Fast forward to 2008. While I was out for a walk, the beginning of my debut novel came to me, and the rest as they say, is history. I open my bio with the statement that, “I once said I should write down all the story ideas in my head so someone could write them someday. I had no idea at the time that someone was me!”

What is your publishing story?
Tessa was that story that came to me that summer. I started college in February of 2009, and was diagnosed with RA in 2010, so my writing was on the back burner. I graduated in 2013 and when I didn’t land the career I thought I would, my writing just took off. By November, I was looking at [vanity] publishers when a friend suggested Amazon for Kindle. I finished my manuscript—and without a CLUE about cover designers let alone editors or beta readers, I sent her off to be published. Several months later I realized I needed print copies, and sent her to CreateSpace.
Friends and readers were asking if there was a sequel. I hadn’t planned one—at least, I didn’t think I had planned one but when I looked, Clara Bess was right there all along, in two very distinct places. As I started her story, the third and final story emerged, and the overall series story arc became evident.
I am now working on a new series.

What is the storyline around your unsavory heritage series, Tessa, Clara Bess, and Cissy?
The series is called unsavory heritage because of Cissy’s story. Our words have power, and the things we say are what we will believe above anything else we hear. Cissy heard something as a child and believed it, and set the tone of her life. In turn, words she spoke resonated through seven generations of women after her—and the unsavory lineage was put in motion.
Tessa, the first story, is two sisters who although not twins, are identical. (Part of the heritage.) When one dies, the other assumes her identity. Each of the women in the lineage has her own story to tell, and each of them have something to discover about themselves and who they are.

Tell us about your anthology, Where Dreams and Visions Live.
During the time when I wasn’t writing prose, late ‘90’s to early 2000’s, I wrote dozens of poems. Several of them appear in this anthology.
My friend, Mary Blowers, who put this anthology together, also approached me about a second one, this one short stories. My story, Sarafina’s Light, is one of my favorite of my pieces. The second anthology is Blood Moon, and the following excerpt speaks to your next question: “Sara had always led a solitary sort of life, even in the midst of family. She felt isolated, and therefore was; felt invisible, and was. She seldom spoke up, rarely offered opinion, even when asked. Whatever you think, she’d say. She had learned, and learned the hard way. Her opinion, her thoughts, her heart – were always wrong.” 

How much of yourself, if any, is in your characters? 

Yes. Also in my bio I say “I lived with depression for many years, and the inherent feelings of worthlessness and invisibility; I didn’t want to be who I was and struggled with my own identity for many years.  My characters face many of these same demons. 
I write stories of identity conflict. My characters encounter situations that force the question, “Who am I, really?” For all who have ever wondered who you are or why you’re here, my stories will touch you in a very real—maybe too real—and a very deep way. I know, I write from experience.”

I’ve had depression off and on in my life. I found that my writing can help change my mood. Does writing do the same for you?
Yes, because it is the gift Father has placed in me and as I exercise His gift, it becomes an act of worship, which always lifts my mood.
Plus, there is the sense of accomplishment, and the fact that I get my mind off of my and onto someone else’s problems for a while—even if they are fictional…

I know that you put your characters in situations that force the question, Who am I? 
It has become my platform. 

Robin, do you know who are you now and did writing help you to figure it out?
Yes, absolutely. It’s such a God thing, as I began to “dabble” in this passion that has always been in me, I began to see who I am, and the more I saw who I am, the clearer I can see who Father is; and the more I can see who He is, the better I can know who I am.

I think depression, in a strange way, was helpful in how I am able to make a character sympathetic and believable in a story. Do you find that too?
I think anything of ourselves that we bring to our characters and our stories makes it much more believable and credible. I have a hard time writing romance because I haven’t had so much in my own life.  

Who gave you help and guidance along the way? 
At first it was a writer friend from church. As I got more into writer circles, my network of writer friends has grown, and there are several whose posts have been great help and benefit. I am not part of two local writing groups as well.

What were some of the pitfalls you ran into in your own writing career? 
Not knowing nothing! I jumped into the deep end without a clue! My first cover…. S.M.H. As an Indie everything is on me. There’s so much I still don’t know, but baby I’ve come a long way in three years.

Has being published been all you thought it would be?
It’s amazing. I’m not sure what I expected but I’m still in awe that I’m doing what I love so much and get to call it work! I guess I expected bigger response, or maybe I should say faster recognition. Three years isn’t that long and it’s starting to come.

With your life experience, what advice would you give to your younger self? 

Who do you read? 
Yes. I have several author friends whose books I look for and I fear if I start naming them, I will a) not remember them all, or b) turn this post into a novella of names!

Where online can people find you and your books?  http://www.amazon.com/Robin-E.-Mason/e/B00MR5IQ9S

Thank you so much, Robin for doing this blog. I enjoyed talking with you!

You can find out more about Author Robin Elizabeth Mason at:



Daveswordsofwisdom.com: The Women's Ass Size Study


There is a new study about women and how they feel about their asses. The results were very interesting.

30% of women think their ass is too fat.
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Book Report: Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates

Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates:
The Forgotten War That Changed American History
 by Brian Kilmeade and Don Yaeger.

I love American history: the good, the bad and the total ugly! Now I have found kids are not taught most of it. When my daughter was in high school she never learn, amount many historical facts, who Alexander Hamilton was and the great part he played in starting this nation, ty United States of America. She is now forty so I fear this lack of teaching American history, the Good, the BAD and the truth of both, have not be taught to a few generations.
Barbary States of North African practiced piracy for money. U.S. merchant ships were being boarded and raided by these pirates for personal gain. The young nation was near impoverish do to debts incurred from their war of independence for Great Britain. And up to this point, before the war of Independences, the United States had been under the British flag and British paid the bribes to the Tripoli/Barbary countries.
This history account shows how appeasement does not work. Some enemies only understand strength. This book is a timely account about USA history and how strength is needed to face enemies who hate our freedom and would take it from us. This fact-based history book gives a great overview of a war most Americans don't remember or have not been taught at all.  ~JD

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